Staff and Leaders

Pastor Nick Keller

Pastor Keller and his wife Kimberly. They have four wonderful children: Jacob, Jude, Jill, and Josh. 

Also teaches the young adult's Sunday school class as well as the Bible classes for GA Baptist Seminary.

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Phone - 770.943.2563

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Staff and Leaders

Jeremy and Shannon Reed

Teen Leaders

Jeremy Reed and his wife Shannon are our teen leaders. They have their two youngest: Libby and Addy.

Gary and Teresa Finks

Children's Leaders

This is Gary and Teresa Finks who passionately lead our children to know and love God better. They are also active and leaders in our RU ministry.

Jason Parmer

Choir Director

Jason Parmer is our choir director. He and his wife have their son Jackson.

Leah Collins


Leah Collins is an amazing piano player, who also teaches piano lessons to kids of all ages.

Stephon and Sharon Hudson

Discipleship Director and Wife

Stephon leads the discipleship program. Teaching new Christians the basics and fundamentals of the Bible and living for God. He is head of church security. He heads the sound and media for each service and is active in RU. He and his wife also teach the youngest Sunday School class.