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A Biblical Journey in Personal Discipleship

Continue is a solid, biblically-based program designed to give you a sure foundation on the Word of God. Discipleship is nurtured in the context of loving relationships within the body of Christ. Every week, dozens of Christians are becoming grounded in their faith and learning answers to their spiritual questions. The Continue discipleship program has been found to be cross-culturally relevant and biblically sound. When you enroll in discipleship, you will be placed with an experienced Christian who will help guide you in your new-found faith.

14 Lessons Covering Key Bible Doctrines

Featuring fourteen lessons that cover key Bible doctrines and personal applications, Continue is perfect for helping a new Christian become grounded in God's Word and develop a growing walk with Christ. Each lesson includes a straightforward outline with thorough support Scriptures and is written so anyone can easily teach. Additionally, each week includes daily devotions to encourage the new Christian to develop the habit of getting into God's Word.

Week One—The Word of God
Week Two—Knowing God
 Week Three—Who Is Jesus?
 Week Four—Your Salvation
 Week Five—Developing a Prayer Life
 Week Six—Your Relationship with God's Word
 Week Seven—The Holy Spirit
 Week Eight—The Life of a Disciple
 Week Nine—The Local Church
 Week Ten—Your Place in Your Church Family
 Week Eleven—Financial Stewardship
 Week Twelve—Go and Tell the Good News
 Week Thirteen—Living in Light of Eternity
 Week Fourteen—Continue

Course Features

Weekly Lesson Components

Every lesson covered a specific topic of basic doctrine and Christian living. It contains an introduction and three main points followed by an application and assignment.

Verse Lookups

Each lesson in the course includes around twenty key verses to the topic and are designed for the disciple to look up in the Bible.

Conversation Starters

Throughout the lessons are "conversation starters" that are designed to spark conversation that leads to personal examples or practical application.

Session Time

Each lesson is written with a 45-60 minute time frame in mind. Some lessons may take less time and some more, depending on the questions the disciple has about the topic.

Devotional Readings

At the end of each lesson are five daily readings. The devotional readings give further information and encouragement to the disciple as he develops a habit of daily reading God's Word.

Ministry Involvement

One of the vital aspects of Christian growth is personal involvement in serving the Lord through local church ministry. In lesson 10, the disciple is encouraged to discover his spiritual gifts and get involved in an area of ministry.